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PROJECT  |  Africa Wildlife + Cultures
Since 1987, I have visited national parks, conservancies and indigenous villages across eastern and southern Africa. These are the most important experiences of my life. ​This 2012 photo was taken in the Okavanga Delta - quite literally!


Open source science for a meaningful future


PROJECT  |  Conviviology
I read Ivan Illich's Tools For Conviviality in 1997. His definition of conviviality greatly impacted my thinking: "[t]he ability to live within and among one another in relationship to natural scale and limit of place." I think, much more so than sustainability, this is what we need and we need an applied science to support this inquiry, hence, Conviviology.


PROJECT  |  Ignite Portland
Ignite presentations give the presenter 5 minutes to share 20 slides and speak on any topic. In this presentation, "Sustainability, And Then What?", I make the case that meaning making is the design horizon for business beyond sustainability. Business has the opportunity to transform people's experience of their purpose and their potential as human beings.
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