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MBA Sustainable Management

– I attended the Green MBA at New College of California from 2002-2003.

– I transferred to Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI) in 2004.

– I graduated from BGI in Cohort 3 May 2005.

– I was a teacher assistant for Kathia Laszlo and Alexander Laszlo's Presidio course: Evolutionary Learning, Collaboration, and Systems Thinking.

Eventually, BGI merged with Presidio Graduate School.

The Problem is the Solution
[permaculture design mantra]

After a career of passionate social activism in my 20s, I had a revelation that business is the single greatest opportunity for human transformation. In 2002, I became one of the first people in the world to enroll in a MBA focused on sustainable business.

In business school I learned that I have a higher purpose. I distilled my personal philosophy for the first time. I met the great works of Manfred Max-Neef, Virginia Satir, Everett Rogers, and Dr. Deming.

I started creating a body-centered business philosophy.

Cultural Resources, Autonomy and Sustainable Development

I explored the Western roots of the word and concept of sustainability. I traced its evolution over 500 years in order to understand the breadth of the meaning of sustainability.

I asserted that autonomy is the necessary a priori prerequisite for cultural stewardship (sustainable development), particularly as it relates to indigenous peoples. Cultural resources include​ language, story, identity, skill, tradition, et. al.


I applied this premise in a case study documenting how members of Picuris Pueblo and the Traditional Native American Farmers Association pursued Permaculture Design as a sovereignty strategy to achieve cultural sustainability.

Bachelor's of International Studies

Senior Thesis
An Analysis of the Efficacy of Joint Action as Tools for Development: A Case Study of Africa Community-Based Development Initiatives

Notable Course

  • Sociological Impacts of Tourism at Victoria Falls

  • Sociology of Race Relations in Bulawayo

  • Permaculture Design

  • Post-Colonial Land Tenure in Zimbabwe

  • Ndebele Language Study

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