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Green Festival


This was one of my favorite Green Festival moments – a live action shot escorting Dr. Cornel West to his keynote with Green Festival Director Denise Hamler.


I produced the national book launch for Hope on a Tightrope at the San Francisco and WDC Green Festivals.




This is original artwork for the Sensation Science, The Body's Way, and Sensory Anatomy symbols that I designed for Nia Technique.

The 5-pointed star represents the sacred geometry of the pentad and symbolizes five-fold symmetry; here it symbolizes the body. The triad represents the door, the threshold, to potentiality. In this symbol, it means I study my body's way using science, movement, and authentic expression (i.e., science, craft, art).


Open source science for a meaningful future


I created Conviviology (in 2011) inspired by Ivan Illich's Tools For Conviviality.

"[t]he ability to live within and among one another in rel
ationship to natural scale and limit of place."


Portland IGNITE IP12 Hollywood Theatre

Making meaning is the design horizon for business beyond sustainability.

Business has the opportunity to transform people's experience of their purpose and their potential as human beings.


The Holistic Decision-Making Mandala demonstrates the inherent complexity in sustainability thinking.

I created this visual diagram for my paper, Sustainability, A Paradigm for Community Development. I presented at the of the International Community Development Society conference in New Brunswick, Canada.


I provenance Allan Savory for the origins of this model drawing on his 7-step process for holistic decision-making.

Body-Centered Business Philosophy

I created this knowledge map in a whirlwind download sitting in the Maui airport in 2006.

This was the genesis of Creating A Sacred Livelihood - an immersive transformational experience that helps people discover their life's purpose, philosophy, gifts, and joy.


Brian (Co-Host) and I attended this 2015 Airbnb Host event in SF during the company's youthful effervescence stage.

Belonging only happens sometimes, mostly people want what they want, and that's what we serve up!


Planetary Dance

I had the profound privilege to take Anna Halprin's Planetary Dance Facilitator Training at her Mt. Tamalpais dance studio in Mill Valley, CA.

Anna was a legendary human. I am so proud to represent this ritual.

Nia Dance Movement

This picture is from the year of the tiger. I produced an event at StudioNia celebraing my 39th birthday called: 3X13 Art of Sensation Triptych.


I curated a series of 3 movement workshops integrating live music, community healing, and a presentation from Jensine Larsen founder of World Pulse.

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