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I am a conviviologist, meaning entrepreneur, sustainability expert, social scientist, purpose technician, culture curator, permaculture designer, systems thinker, phenomenological artist, somatic movement teacher, creative strategist, sensation scientist and leader on a path of conscious evolution.


​May 2021-October 2023  Nia Technique

I have collaborated with Nia Creator Debbie Rosas since 2010 developing the theoretical and practical development of Sensation Science to evolve Nia practice and education into a recognized design science.

Nia Art of Sensation 32-hour curriculum | Program Director

  • Edited 16 training books and online learning content

  • Conducted extensive research on movement, neuroscience, mindfulness, and well-being

  • Co-designed training books with Art Director

  • Designed original cover art, illustrations, symbols used in books

  • Managed 16 slide presentations | 748 slides

Nia Global Wisdom Summit | Project Director

  • Developed 16 Wisdom Summit online movement workshops

  • Edited and organized 16 training handouts



​January 2022-June 2023  Nia Technique

I conducted qualitative research using WindTunneling substantiating efficacy of Sensation Science documenting felt sense knowledge of 978 participants in relationship to 52 enriched movement activities. I presented an analysis of the methodology at the 2023 International Society for Systems Sciences conference.

March 2020-present​  Earthsongs


This is a not-for-profit social marketing agency promoting global conservation initiatives and regeneration. Earthsongs music media lab works with diverse clients to put their message to music, design music-based engagement campaigns, and custom arts and culture strategies to amplify awareness campaigns through music.


January 2019-present​  Catalytic Thinking Labs


This is a professional development program for people and teams. There are 100+ labs that consist of the GreenMBA core curriculum redesigned into experiential learning and skill development that can be integrated into any professional work environment.


  • Applied Critical Thinking

  • Navigating Complex Issues

  • Self-Knowledge for Leading + Supporting

  • Disciplined Social Innovation



​January 2002-present 

Weekly movement classes, workshops, and special events.


​January 2013-August 2018  Nia Technique

  • Modernized the curriculum building the foundational theory for Nia Sensation Science (I conceptualized Nia as an applied science, "sensory science", in 2010) 

  • Designed and wrote syllabi, education training books for all Nia programs. Redesigned the global teacher membership program

  • Wrote Nia Trainer Financial and Business Policy

  • Produced quarterly sales reports and business analytics

  • Collaborated on Brand Book, Brand Manifesto, Brand Guidelines




​August 2002-December2010 Green Festivals


This was a project of Global Exchange and Green America promoting the local living economy. The speaker program played a pivotal role in attracting large audiences,  corporate sponsorship, and exhibit sales. 

Green Festival Keynote List


​2010-11  Mapping The Human Story

This was a project led by National Geographic Explorer Dr. Elizabeth Lindsey to explore the potential for a foundation enterprise that would highlight traditional wisdom in a modern context.


​2008-10  Environmental Finance Center West

I directed three research projects related to sustainability on Native American triabal lands. These projects were funded by a grant from US EPA Region IX. For each project, I recruited and directed a graduate student research team from the GreenMBA.


Public Speaking

Program + Education Design

Transformational Experience Design

Writing + Copy Editing



Event Design + Experience Curator


Systems Thinking + Systemics

Intercultural Human Relations

Holistic Decision-Making

Diplomacy + Communication

Event Production

Leadership + Collaboration

Discerning Purpose


Abya Yala Fund

Africa Community-Based Development Initiatives


Aranya Solutions

Bridging The Divide

Catalytic Thinking Labs

Centro Internacional para el Desarrollo Sustentable

City of Davis Planning + Building

Circulo de Tres Naciones

Cook First!

Crow Clothing

Culture of Future



EcoHome Improvement

Environmental Finance Center West

Fair Housing Council of Oregon

Future 500

Future Insight Maps

Global Exchange

Global Futures Foundation

Green America

Green Festivals

Green Your Management, Inc.

Indigenous Permaculture

Mapping The Human Story

Mayor's Office of International Relations Portland, OR

Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture

Nia Technique

One Project



Presidio School of Management

RakshaBella Organic Textiles

Re-Elect Oakland Mayor Jerry Brown


Sierra Economic Development District

Solstice Grove Institute

Sustainable Communities Consortium

Syntony Quest

TESOL Jakarta, Indonesia

The Oakland Table with Ivan Illich and Mayor Jerry Brown

Uribe & Associates

US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce

UN World Environment Day

White Wave

Whole Life EXPO

Women's Earth Alliance

Presidio School of Management | San Francisco, CA

​MBA Sustainable Management 2005


University of California at Davis

MSci Community Development 1998


City of Davis, California Planning and Building Department | Apprentice Planner | 1997

City of Portland, Oregon Mayor's Office of International Relations | Administrative Coordinator | 1995

School for International Training | Brattleboro, VT

Bachelor's of International Studies 1993


Africa Community-Based Development Initiatives | Assistant Administrative Secretary | Bulawaya, Zimababwe | 1992


Primal Fit: 6-Week Community Health Fitness | 2023

Primal Vinyasa

Trimtab Space Camp: Design Science Redux | 2021

Buckminster Fuller Institute

Towards Climate Stabilization | 2022

Buckminster Fuller Institute

Planetary Purpose + Regeneration: Paul Hawken + Chip Conley | 2020

Modern Elder Academy

SuiteTalkers Toastmasters Club | 2013-2019

Toastmasters International

Nia Technique Somatic Movement Teacher Training | 2001-2009

200-hour 4-part series: Art of Sensation, Art of Communication, Art of Perception, Art of Creativity.

Yoga: Vinyasa, Primal Vinyasa

Annie Adamson, Chris Calarco, Winter Permberton | Yoga Union | 2012-2020

Yoga: Ashtanga, Iyengar

Tim Thompson | Monkey Yoga Shala | 2000-2010


Sensei Burt | UC Davis | 1996-1998


Documenting Felt Sense Knowledge and Well-Being
International Society for the Systems Sciences, South Africa 2023
IGNITE Why Matters.

Pinchot University, Seattle, WA 2015

IGNITE Sustainability, And Then What?

Pinchot University, Seattle, WA 2013

Portland Ignite Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR 2013

Creating A Sacred Livelihood Body-Centered Business Potential

Cape Town, South Africa 2012

Speed Date Your Purpose

Movement-Play MicroFestival, Northern California 2012

Body-Mind-Spirit Business Trends

Nia Technique Trainer Summit, Portland, OR 2011

Carbon Offsets + Business Trends

Co-Presented with Mickey Lee, Carbon Concierge | San Francisco Green Festival 2010

Jody Turner with Karri Winn: Redesigning How We Do _________* In A Carbon Constrained Future

Culture of Future | Nevermind Copenhagen, (via Internet) 2010

Internet - Global Tool for Strategic Networking

World Social Forum Nairobi, Kenya 2007

Sustainability, A Paradigm for Community Development

International Community Development Society Conference

New Brunswick, Canada 2000

Gleaners, Hackers and Do-Gooders: Perspectives on Sustainable Economic Development

Co-Presented with Dr. Ted K. Bradshw | International Community Development Society Conference | Kansas City 1998


Transformational Travel Design 2023

Transformational Travel Council

Regenerative Agriculture + Systems Change 2021

Buckminster Fuller Institute

Regeneration 2020

Buckminster Fuller Institute

Mindset Management 2020

Modern Elder Acadamy

Design, Partnering, Management, Innovation 2019

Middlebury Institute/Aga Khan Foundation

WindTunneling Facilitator Design 2019

Future Insight Maps, Inc

Planetary Dance Facilitator 2011

Tamalpa Institute

Nia Black Belt 2009

Nia Technique


Critical Thinking 2003

Institute for Environmental Entrepreneurship

Sustainable Development 1998

Jyvalaska University - Italy

Permaculture Design 1998

Traditional Native American Farmer Association Picuris Pueblo New Mexico

TESOL 1994

Coast Language Academy

Permaculture Design 1992

Fambidzanai Training Centre Zimbabwe

Tropical Ecology Costa Rica 1989

School For Field Studies


Nia Trainer Art of Sensation Summit | 2022 | Co-Facilitator

Nia Global Wisdom Summit | 2021


SuiteTalkers Toastmaster Club | 2013-2018 | Club President

Ft. Baker Leadership Summit | 2009

Facilitation Team

Taitung University Taiwan 4th International Somatic Movement Education Symposium | 2009 | Presenter

Bay Area PartnerSHIFT | 2007-2009

Retreat Co-Facilitator, Facilitation Team

Digital Be-In 14: Planet Code| 2006

Panel Moderator


3X13 Triptych Dance Party | 2010 | Producer

Annual "Unofficial" Bioneers After Party | 2005-2008 | Production Team

United Nations World Environment Day-San Francisco | 2005 | VIP-Talent

Future 500 Executive Briefing: Corporate Accountability | 2003 | Event Planner

The Oakland Table with Ivan Illich + Jerry Brown | 2000 | Event Assistant

Sacramento Regional Forum: Sustainable Economic Development| 1998 | Event Coordinator

Whole Life EXPO | 1996-1999 | Staff

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