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Green Festival


WORK | 01  Curator
I served as National Program Curator for Green Festivals - the leading voice promoting local green economies, social justice + sustainability (2002-2010).
I produced 500+ presentations including NY Times best selling authors, celebrities and grassroots solutioneers.


WORK  | 02   Sustainability
How do you think for sustainability outcomes? Systems thinking, complexity and social well- being have been at the forefront of my work + education. The model shown, Holistic Decision-Making Mandala, demonstrates the inherent complexity in thinking posture that sustainability requires.


WORK | 03 Body-Centered Business
Facing huge epidemics of health issues and loss of retention, creating an avenue for people to find meaning and purpose in their work is a business opportunity - in a post-colonial world, I argue it is a right for every individual. I created an immersive transformational experience program that helps people discover their life's purpose and how to bring purpose into their professional endeavours.


WORK | 04 Airbnb Host
In 2014, my partner Brian and I decided to dive into the Sharing Economy and become short-term rental hosts at our home in Portland, OR. We have hosted 500+ people from almost everywhere in the world. Meanwhile, we navigated the permit challenges with the City of Portland and learned first-hand the perils of being an early adopter of a disruptive innovation.


WORK  | 05 Nia Movement Teacher
I began practicing Nia movement in 1993.
I taught Nia classes in the Bay Area from 2001-2008. After moving to Portland,OR I have been teaching at StudioNia since 2011.
Nia practice gave me the courage to know that I didn't have to live with Asthma the rest of my life, which led me to naturopathy, acupuncture, massage and an array of holistic health practices. For all intents and purposes, acupuncture and chinese herbs healed my lifelong asthma.
Nia practice inspired me to study Aikido (1996-1998), Ashtanga Yoga with Tim Thompson in Oakland (2000-2008) and vinyasa at Yoga Union (2012-present).
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