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Purpose + Meaning

Purpose is synonymous with intent - a binding of will toward. Realization of one’s purpose is an organic unfolding in time-space; realization of purpose is the constancy of self-actualization as sensed experience, (i.e., not destination). Feeling a purpose is a birth rite/right; it gives life direction in a way that elicits vitality, health and well-being.

Purpose is one of the most potent ways to evoke meaning.

Much like a compass point to an unchartered future, purpose unfolds meaning. All nested expressions of the universe have inherent purpose.

Consciousness, embodied awareness, is amplified when individuals sense their unique life purpose as physical gestalt. Conscious purpose is the gateway to body-mind-emotion-spirit potential and creativity.

Meaning is a kaleidoscope of limitless expression. It is invisible, intangible, emotional sensation – love, gratitude, grief, happiness, vitality, intimacy, freedom, sacred, identity, connection, wellness, understanding, confidence, participation, security et. al.

Emotions are ephemeral gestures of living experience that grow whole and intact people and cultures when they are rooted in purpose and meaning.



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