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Cultivating a Body-Centered Approach to Purpose and Well Being

Life is short no matter how many years one may live. Every human being possesses an infinite capacity to learn and grow and have new experiences. To that end, every choice matters and towards what end matters most. Ostensibly, this is how we navigate the journey of life realizing our destination moment-to-moment rather than in some future we gaze at with anticipation.

Every human being confronting the gifts, limitations and uniqueness of their biology has the opportunity to choose to live a purposeful life.

Purpose is like a rudder that tethers the now to unrealized future pulsing at magnetic north. The boat, the rudder, the hand that holds her and the magnetic star above all reside simultaneously in the human body. Energy follows attention and form follows function – not all function is pure utility, in fact usually it is not from a nature perspective where beauty always seems to come first. This is important to really grasp as the invisible warp and weft of our reality is the hollow out beauty shell that our bodies express into. Before the choice, purpose creates potentialized form ultimately filled in by the mundane – the wondrous matter of what we experience and call reality, i.e., our bodies.

All choices and actions have the potentiality to align to a purpose. Whether they do is not important per sé as there exists no morality in living a purposeful life. That too is a choice. But because living into a purpose universally is one of the ways human beings experience meaning, and because meaning makes life worth living, choosing a purposeful life path is a potent investment in one’s health.

Purpose is an orientation tool that connects the now to the future but amazingly is shaped from the past (by the time we get there!). Like any tool, the more precisely honed, the more efficacy it embodies.

Words cast images; words spell realities. But so too can feelings and thoughts cast images and create realities – phenomenological essences that can be known through our felt sense body wisdom.

Creating a purpose statement is a deliberate act – each word in a purpose statement calibrates the synergy between philosophy and intent. To create a higher purpose statement for one’s life is an act of conscious discernment to make the invisible visible.

As a person lives into their purpose, the individual begins consciously telling their own living legend – a self-made destiny is the magic of heroes. Living a legendary life is the potentialized destiny of every being in their specific time. One’s prophesy of life force energy is made manifest through choices and actions. Purpose reveals the prophecy, that is, the gestalt of the residue of one’s life. This residue accumulates as the result of ones actions and choices.

Creating your sacred livelihood recognizes that one’s stylized and bespoke lived experience is a direct extension of life force energy. Like an invisible limb, our livelihood is an intrinsic part of our body experience. Living into a sacred livelihood is the conscious outcome of understanding our unique gifts as human beings and understanding that all choices and actions are expressions of our greatness.

Living a purposeful life is the culmination of aligning now-time choices with the truth of who we are as we travel toward the ever brilliant (always in the distant) future on the horizon. Living into a purpose is an expression of well-being, but it is not hedonistic if purpose serves to create a life of meaning and not a plunder of the world for physical comfort and instant gratification.

Each of us is imbued with a priori resources: time, consciousness and life force energy (per Jane Lorand). Of the three, consciousness and life force energy are structurally coupled to time. Time is de facto limited making the value our consciousness and life force energy of inestimable worth from the perspective of each individual. Fundamentally, all choice and action embody time; very literally we can think of choice and action as livelihood investments. Our livelihood is the sum total of all that we do in time. Literally we invest in our future through the now experience of choice; our future is the return on present investment. However, unlike financial markets, there is no compounding interest when it comes to the body’s lived experience. The only return that matters is the felt sense of presence.


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