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Definition of Purpose

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

The definition of purpose is an intent; a desired result or outcome. Purpose is a navigational tool – imagine a metaphorical North Star; purpose is a metaphysical compass for directing our life force energy. Purpose helps us orient in the NOW toward the unknown future in order to create that which we desire.

I believe having a purpose is not only a need for people in terms of optimizing health and well-being, I believe that purpose is a birthright for every human being. Purpose is the pathway to fulfillment and living into one’s potentiality. It is the pathway to creating a legacy beyond one’s mortal life.

Having a purpose that one has autonomously created in relationship to their unique ontological truth catalyzes meaning. Each person is unique and, if properly encouraged, will live into their greatness in a proprietary way.

Living a meaningful life ought be the organizing principle for society. The opportunity to get to be here, to have a human being body that will exist once in all of time is precious and has inestimable value to each person.

Moreover, I believe that if, as a society, our purpose was to lift every human being to their highest potential we would in the process satisfy human needs, sustain ecosystem resilience, optimize community heath and well-being globally and realize unprecedented business success and profits.



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