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1994-95 I lived in Jakarta with housemates on Jalan Cilandak X. We were friends from SIT and beyond. We all had jobs teaching English.

I became proficient in Bahasa Indonesia. I had a wonderful cultural immersion living in Denpasar. I got to see magic and so much more!

My mom visited and we went to Camp Leakey Orangutan Research in Borneo!

I went to Bali and Thailand for Y2K in 2001.  In Thailand I learned how to cook. Plus, I go to tour several sustainable agriculture projects.

I had a special opportunity to join a Global Exchange Delegation to China led by Dr. Kevin Danaher in 2005. The tour focused on environment, energy + grassroots sustainability and we visited Beijing, Xian, Yunnan Province, and Shanghai.

In 2008 I taught Nia dance at the Bali Spirit Music Festival in Ubud. This was incredible - but i got very sick from mold exposure and ended up at the ER with an acute asthma attack!


2009  In Taiwan, I taught Nia workshops and master classes at the 4th International Somatic Movement Conference held at Taitung University. I had the incredible chance to visit the indigenous tribal museum while I was there.

FOCUS  |  Slow Food, Permacultura, Agriturismo, Italiano



The Art Monastery
Designed / implemented permaculture kitchen garden



Pira Pora Azienda Agriturismo
Homestay, Colace Family (3 mo)
Permacultura farm work exchange

Italian Cooking Classes
Italian Language Immersion

Sustainable Development Certificate Course

Focus: Slow Food + Organic Agriculture in southern Italy, Jyvalasakya University

FOCUS  |  Indigenous Culture, Maya Calendar, Agriculture, Español


San Miguel de Allende, Global Exchange Donor Trip with Kevin Danaher


COSTA RICA            

Biosphere Commissioner World Conference on Time + Peace

(with Elisabet Sahtouris), United Nations University, San José



University of California Expedition Programs: Archaeology Study Ancient Maya Culture                      
Spanish Language Immersion

Extensive independent study ancient Maya culture:

Quintana Roo, Yucatán, Chiapas, Oaxaca, Mexico City




Certificate Tropical Cloud Forest Ecology (School For Field Studies)

Spanish Language Immersion

Homestay - Costa Rican family, San José

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