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Green Festival Speaker Highlights

8 years | 26 events | 6 cities
580 keynotes*- presentations - book signing events
cumulative audience: 110,000+ 

As National Program Curator, I networked and recruited all of the speakers listed here.


  • Alice Walker*
    We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

  • Chuck D
    Public Enemy

  • Dr. Cornel West*
    Hope on a Tightrope

  • Darryl Hannah
    Actor, Environmental Activist

  • Dr. David Suzuki*

  • Dr. Deepak Chopra* Spiritual Teacher

  • Congressman Dennis Kucinich, (D) Ohio

  • Dolores Huerta
    Social Justice Leader

  • Ed Begley Jr.*
    Actor, Environmental Activist

  • Gilberto Gil

  • Brasil Minister of Culture

  • John Trudell*
     American Indian Movement

  • Julia Butterfly Hill*

  • Mike Farrell Actor
    Anti-Death Penalty Activist

  • Paul Miller*
    aka DJ Spooky

  • Ralph Nader* Only The Super Rich Can Save Us

  • Woody Harrelson
    Actor, Hemp Activist

*author, feature book title

thought leadership

  • Alan Weisman*
    World Without Us

  • Barbara Ehrenreich*
    Nickle and Dimed

  • Bill Ayers + Bernardine Dohrn*
    Race Course

  • Bill McKibben*
    Deep Economy

  • Daniel Pinchbeck*
    2012: Return of Quetzalcoatl

  • Dr. David Korten*
    The Great Turning

  • Dr. Elisabet Sahtouris* EarthDance

  • Frances Moore Lappe*
    Diet for a Small Planet

  • Dr. Fritjof Capra*
    Hidden Connections

  • Gary Zukav*
    The Seat of the Soul

  • Dr. George Lakoff*
    Don’t Think of an Elephant

  • Dr. Helen Caldicott*
    Nuclear Power is Not the Answer

  • Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor*
    My Stroke of Insight

  • Dr. Joanna Macy*
    Think Like a MountainJohn Robbins*
    Diet for a New America

  • Dr. John Todd*
    From Ecocities to Living Machines

  • Paul Hawken*
    Blessed Unrest

  • Paul Stamets*
    Mycellium Running

  • Sim Van der Ryn*
    Ecological Design

  • Dr. Stuart Pimm*

  • Winona LaDuke* 
    Recovering the Sacred


  • Amy Goodman*
    Democracy Now!

  • Arianna Huffington*
    Huffington Post

  • Caroline Casey*
    Coyote Network News

  • Eleanor Smeal*
    Ms. Magazine

  • Greg Palast*
    The Guardian, BBC

  • Jim Hightower*

  • Hightower Times

  • Katrina vanden Heuvel*
    The Nation

  • Laura Flanders

  • Thom Hartmann*
    Tiokasin Ghosthorse
    First Voices Indigenous Radio

business leaders

  • Dame Anita Roddick*
    The Body Shop

  • Amory Lovins*
    Rocky Mountain Institute

  • Amy Domini
    Domini Investment

  • Ben Cohen*
    Ben and Jerry’s

  • Bill Shireman*
    Future 500

  • Gary Erickson*
    Clif Bar

  • Gunter Pauli*
    Zeri Institute

  • Dr. Hazel Henderson* Beyond Globalization

  • Hunter Lovins*
    Natural Capital

  • Lynn Twist*
    Soul of Money

  • Janine Benyus

  • John Perkins*
    Confessions of an Economic Hitman

  • Lawrence Lessig*
    Free Culture

  • Dr. Lester Brown* Worldwatch Institute

  • Dr. Marion Nestle*
    Safe Food: The Politics of Food Safety

  • Majora Carter

  • Dr. Michael Dorsey  Dartmouth University

  • Naomi Klein*
    No Logo

  • Dr. Riane Eisler*
    The Real Wealth of Nations

  • Dr. C. Otto Scharmer*
    Theory URay Anderson* Interface Carpet

  • Van Jones*
    The Green Collar Economy

  • William Greider*
    The Soul of Capitalism

  • William McDonough*

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