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Dictionary of Ethical Politics, Project of Resurgence - Open Democracy

Sustainability (2009)

Rights (2009)

Conscious Choice Magazine

Building the Green Economy: From Green Festivals to Global Citizen Centers (2007) with Kevin Danaher, PhD

What We Learned in the Rainforest: Business Lessons From Nature 

Tachi Kiuchi and Bill Shireman (2002)

-Researcher + Copy Editor (Listed in Acknowledgements)

Journal of the Community Development Society

Book Review Cradle-To-Cradle by McDonough, W., Braungart, M. (2003)

Gleaners, Balers and Do-Gooders: Perspectives on Linking Sustainability with Economic Development (2000)

with Ted Bradshaw, PhD. Peer Review.


IGNITE - Why Matters.

Pinchot University, April 2015

IGNITE - Sustainability, And Then What?

Pinchot University, May 2013

Portland Ignite, November 2013

Creating A Sacred Livelihood Body-Centered Business Potential

Cape Town, South Africa, September 2012

Speed Date Your Purpose

Movement-Play MicroFestival, June 2012

Body-Mind-Spirit Business Trends

Nia Technique Trainer Summit, January 2011

Carbon Offsets + Business Trends (with Mickey Lee, Carbon Concierge)

San Francisco Green Festival, November 2010

Redesigning How We Do _________* In A Carbon Constrained Future (with Jody Turner, Principal, Culture Future)

Nevermind Copenhagen, March 2010

Internet - Global Tool for Strategic Networking

World Social Forum Nairobi, January 2007

Sustainability, A Paradigm for Community Development

International Community Development Society Conference New Brunswick, July 2000

Gleaners, Hackers and Do-Gooders: Perspectives on Sustainable Economic Development

(with Dr. Ted K. Bradshw)

International Community Development Society Conference Kansas City, July 1998

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