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Facilitation, Production, Planning

Green Festivals

  • National Program Curator, 2002-2010

  • Conducted event-wide carbon footprint analysis (2006)

  • Collaborated with Carbon Concierge to offset event carbon output

  • Online Technology Collaboration Hub Co-Creator, 2005-2008

  • Green Fitness Program Creator, 2003

  • Created community networking space "Kitchen Table" 2002-2008

  • Designed and implemented Large-scale Indoor resource recovery system, 2002-04

Solstice Grove Institute

Annual (Unofficial) Bioneers, Summer Solstice Parties 

Event Operations, 2005 - 2008

Ft. Baker Leadership Summit

Creating A Framework for Policy Making in Complex + Uncertain Times  

Facilitation Team, 2009

PartnerSHIFT Think Tank 

Retreat / Meeting Facilitator + Design, 2008

Think Tank participant + Core Facilitation Team 2007-08

Digital Be-In 14: Planet Code   

Panel Moderator "Organic Solutions", 2006

United Nations World Environment Day - San Francisco 2005   

VIP Liason, 2005

Future 500

Executive Briefing: Corporate Accountability Bay Area Fortune 100 

Event Coordinator, 2003

The Oakland Table with Ivan Illich + Mayor Jerry Brown

City Space: The City As Place

Event Assistant, 2000

Whole Life EXPO 

  • Environmental Program Coordinator + Community Outreach, 1999

  • Book Store Assistant Manager, 1998

  • Event Staff (contractor) 1996-97

Sustainable Community Consortia

Sacramento Regional Forum: Perspectives on Sustainable Economic Development

Event Coordinator, 1998

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