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Presidio School of Management
San Francisco, CA

​MBA Sustainable Management 2005

Strategy Final

Designing a Strategic Planning Process for Nia Technique

In 2002 I had a revelation that business, for all of its ills, is the greatest opportunity for human transformation and greatest avenue to care for the earth. I enrolled in one of the first three dedicated business schools in the USA embracing the triple bottom line - Green MBA at New College of California. After one year, I transferred to Bainbridge Graduate Institute. Eventually that institution merged with Presidio School of Management.

Notable instructors

Jane Lorand, Joanna Macy, John Ehrenfeld, Amory Lovins, Tom Johnson, Mark Anielski, Gifford Pinchot, Libba Pinchot, Alexander Laszlo, Kathia Laszlo.

University of California at Davis
Davis, CA

MSci Community Development 1998




Cultural Resources, Autonomy and Sustainable Development

Part 1  I explore the Western roots of the word sustainability. I trace back 500 years examining how this word developed in order to understand the breadth of the meaning of sustainability.

Part 2  I asserted that autonomy is the necessary apriori pre-requisite for cultural stewardship, (i.e., sustainable development,) particularly as it relates to indigenous peoples. Cultural resources include​language, story, identity, skill, tradition, et. al.


I applied this premise in a case study documenting how members of Picuris Pueblo pursued Permaculture Design as a sovereignty strategy to achieve cultural sustainability through food and energy self-sufficiency.


  • City of Davis (CA) Planning + Building Department, Apprentice Planner

  • City of Portland (OR) Mayor's Office International Relations, Administrative Coordinator

School for International Training
Brattleboro, VT

Bachelor's of International Studies 1993


Senior Thesis

An Analysis of the Efficacy of Joint Action as Tools for Development: A Case Study of Africa Community-Based Development Initiatives


Africa Community-based Development Initiatives, Assistant Administrative Secretary

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Notable courses:

  • Sociological Impacts of Tourism at Victoria Falls

  • Race Relations in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

  • Permaculture Design

  • Post-Colonial Land Tenure in Zimbabwe

  • Ndebele Language Study + Immersion

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